Open Cart

Why hold back from setting up your dream online business? NDOGZ provides all the answers by helping you set up an open source shopping cart system for your online business.

A great open source shopping cart system can do wonders for your online business. Not only does it guarantee a smoother and more efficient check out experience for your customers but it also ensures glitch free payments for the owner and also takes care of different mode of payments, shipping and taxes thereby giving you complete control of your store.

What We Do For You

  • Learn about your business and its requirements, preferred mode of payments, taxes etc and provide you with an open source shopping cart solution through OpenCart
  • No matter if you have one product or a thousand or even multiple stores, NDOGZ manages all your shopping carts and checkouts.
  • We set up the perfect e-commerce theme suitable to your business and its website.
  • Testing the inventory management and shopping cart solution before delivery to ensure a smooth and glitch free experience.