Cube Cart

Now there is no need to worry about payments from your online business, we provide a solution to all your worries. NDOGZ business solutions has a deep and intense understanding of all open source shopping cart solutions and gives you the best results tailored for your business needs.

Online shopping has been a relatively new and emerging platform but has quickly grabbed the attention of people around the world with its ease of usage and the option of buying products from around the world and having them delivered at your doorstop. The proliferation of online shopping has created a host of new and emerging entrepreneurs spanning different continents and nationalities.

What We Do For You

  • Administer and maintain your entire business inventory and multiple stores through CubeCart.
  • Create mobile optimized store fronts in addition to web store fronts for your customers to shop on the go.
  • Provide you with SEO and multiple currency support including tax and shipping adjustments and deductions.
  • Provide and manage multiple payments gateways and provide 24/7 support.