Microsoft Technologies

.NET Technologies

NDOGZ Business Solutions has many years of expertise in .NET framework technologies and provides a one stop solution for all your needs, be it different applications, web sites or web services, our deep knowledge can help you.

It’s been more than a decade since Microsoft introduced .NET framework and ever since its introduction there have been countless applications, web services etc been made on that platform. It has been providing common functionality for many applications and provides a thorough programming model for developers to create breathtaking applications for visually stunning their users. .NET framework has now also been used to create many mobile phone applications too.

What We Do For You

  • Help you design mobile and web applications based upon our expert knowledge of .NET framework.
  • Use advanced tools like ASP .NET and Visual Studio to create high end applications for all your needs.
  • Provide dynamic web solutions and services with our highly modern and technologically advanced team.

We also provide security and full support for all applications and web services and solutions.