1. All our projects are undertaken after proper confirmation from the clients’ side and verification from our side
  2. The payment mode and stipulations, are put in comprehensible words and only after authenticated agreement from both parties, the contract is commenced
  3. Any extra services are chargeable, unless specified in any documented statement or contract agreement


  1. This is the acknowledgement of the commencement of the project, the time period allotted for the same, its completion time and penalties, if any, for not being able to meet the deadline.
  2. We ensure that our clients are sent regular updates, on the progress of the project and receive feedback on the same, for the ease of improvisation.
  3. Ensuring absolute assistance in terms of transparency in communication and sharing of the required information.

Our Requirements

  1. Accurate and distinct sharing of information, to guarantee the smooth flow of the project.
  2. Abiding by the terms and conditions pertaining to the financial settlement for the assignment.
  3. Maintaining the provisions of the Non Disclosure Agreement, by both the involved parties.

Adherence to the Agreement

We undertake to follow the above stated points with total commitment. No compromises whatsoever will be made under any circumstances, in our assurance.